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Origin of the franchise

Created in 2004 in the city of Joinville, Santa Catarina, the Fábrica Di Chocolate franchise is the result of the talents of a mechanical engineer and a business administrator, who, together, having as a pillar the search for innovative ideas and revolutionary, brought to the Brazilian franchise market a new system for marketing chocolate with fruits, the fondue express .

The chocolate machines, patented and made according to strict international standards, present the circulation and movement of chocolates in a cascade system, which melts the chocolates, generating a strong visual appeal and heightening curiosity and the desire for consumption.

The brand’s kiosks bring the consumer a different concept of chocolate tasting, since the customer chooses his favorite fruits and can add (a lot) chocolate as a topping. The fondue of Fábrica Di Chocolate is a nutritious food, composed of fresh fruits and premium chocolate with cocoa produced with Belgian technology, without hydrogenated fat, high cocoa content and zero trans fat, a true healthy fast food .

Turning an enterprise's dream into reality through franchises

Turning an enterprise’s dream into reality through franchises

Since the first kiosk opened in 2004, it is part of the Fábrica Di Chocolate franchise’s vision to make dreams come true, offering investors with a keen eye a simplified management franchise, focusing on innovation and adding value.

It is the mission of the Fábrica Di Chocolate franchise to develop high-profit business networks in the dessert area, with innovation and technology, providing success, personal satisfaction and recognition to franchisees and employees.

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