Investing in a chocolate franchise has never been safer

Fábrica Di Chocolate is a solid brand, with 18 years in the market, international presence and more than {ACT_UNIDADES_TOTAL} units in full operation. The units offer products that sharpen the desire for consumption and are profitable, in a safe business model for those looking to open a franchise in a mall or for events.

The Fábrica Di Chocolate franchise develops kiosks with innovative design combined with machines protected by patents, meeting strict international standards and the requirements of the most demanding investors. The kiosks and products are designed to take the end consumer to an unparalleled sensory experience.

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Healthy food based on fresh fruits and chocolate

Seasonal fruits bought in the region and standard Belgian chocolate, these are the two basic ingredients of an operation of the Fábrica Di Chocolate franchise, with this the kiosk becomes a factory with high versatility, very low stock and maximum use of inputs.

The fondue expresso is a healthy fast food that provides countless combinations to the taste of the customer. In this product the fruits are covered by chocolate with a high content of premium cocoa produced with Belgian technology, a chocolate free from hydrogenated fat and zero trans fat, making it a healthy and nutritious option for the consumer.

Varieties of products for each time of the year

Juices, vitamins, desserts and a range of chocolate products carefully selected to attract customers in any season or holiday. The launch of new products from the Fábrica Di Chocolate franchise is frequent, all focused on customers who seek fast food without damage to health and developed to take advantage of the productive versatility of the kiosk, which is prepared to produce new product recipes and guarantee a franchise. profitable all year round.

Kiosks as a smart business model

Located in areas with a large circulation of customers, such as mall and airport corridors, the kiosks are democratic and attract the attention of everyone who passes by, including on the upper floors, being the only business model that provides visualization from all angles.

Kiosks are set up for the investor according to the size of the commercial point, allowing them to invest in the right measure, including being a franchise option for small cities. Even built to measure, kiosks have greater mobility than stores, being able to migrate from place inside the mall itself or even to a new commercial point.

Affordable seasonal products

Inputs acquired by the franchisee himself

Maximum use of inputs

To undertake with franchises is to invest in something that already has a history of success. The Fábrica Di Chocolate franchise has been on the market for 18 years, has an international presence and over {ACT_UNIDADES_TOTAL} units in full operation worldwide.

Franchise know-how and support

The franchisor’s experience, the company’s seriousness and the solidity of the brand are essential parts of the Fábrica Di Chocolate franchise business card. All the know-how accumulated in the franchise market, the close relationship with the Brazilian Franchising Association and the experience in operating its own units, have made the Fábrica Di Chocolate franchise a national reference when it comes to successful franchises and allow greater support to the new franchisee, opening doors and taking on challenges.

Management training, legal assistance, promotional material, new product development and a 24-hour franchisee service are part of the support offered by the franchisor, but the Fábrica Di Chocolate franchise goes further, helping the new franchisee in arduous task of finding the ideal commercial point. The franchisor has a team dedicated to assisting the franchisee in the search and feasibility analysis of commercial points, such as shopping malls, hypermarkets and airports, even acting in the negotiation of values ​​with the commercial point, seeking the best cost benefit.

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